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It was a cold rain, the kind that you feel in your bones before you feel it on your skin. From the warmth of the car I stared without blinking; transfixed at the reflection of the newly lit streetlight in a puddle. In this dusk, the colors of the leaves were immeasurably brilliant, sailing on an inky sea. My mind drifted through the portal to a distant, warm place, where I stood surrounded in golden tones and contentment. A warm cup of coffee, the sound of the surf just beyond the hill, and the selective sunlight that casts endless shadows. Those few moments, the ones that allow you to “see.” The moments that let you glimpse the bigger picture — they seem more prevalent at the end of Autumn.


1 // James Brown – Nancy Dupree 
2 // The Payback, Pt.1  – James Brown
3 // Protection – Massive Attack
4 // You Don’t Love Me (No, No, No) – Dawn Penn
5 // Rock With You – Michael Jackson
6 // Careful You – TV On The Radio
7 // Fall In Love – Phantogram
8 // Water Me – FKA twigs
9 // Lovely Day – ∆
10 // All For The Best – Thom Yorke
11 // Sisters – The Ravonettes
12 // Yalla Yalla – Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros
13 // Dearly Departed – Shakey Graves
14 // Run From Me – Timber Timbre

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late autumn mood board

We’ve entered, what I like to call, the grey phase of autumn. The leaves are lost, the sunlight is minimal, the clouds threaten snow just about every day and it’s all grey: the tree bark, the roads, the sky. It’s everywhere. It’s the time of year that calls for good books, good friends, a stockpile of fire wood and easing into the mindset that all that grey will shortly be white. For now, though, we’re clinging to those final days of late autumn with the mood board below.

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faucethead // late autumn mood board
faucethead // late autumn mood board
faucethead // late autumn mood board
faucethead // late autumn mood board

living in // the artist’s studio

Opening night was always the worst. As an introvert, Greta hated the feeling of her work, little pieces of her soul, on display for the world to judge. She hoped no one noticed as she slipped out the back to sneak another cigarette. A nervous habit she just couldn’t kick on nights like this. In just a few hours she’d be home with her best friend, sharing a bottle of wine and taking turns sitting on the Eames lounger and the floor of her studio. The chair was one of the only pieces of furniture she owned, but really it was the only one that mattered. The all-white space, the black exterior and the mindful clutter of her studio would make the stress of the night fade instantly. The wine and company wouldn’t hurt either.

Greta rarely slept. Her perpetual need to create kept her up late into the night and jarred her awake before the sun. She valued her Grandfather’s old camera, her weathered hands, the love of florals (inherited from her mother) and her morning tea above all others. As a young artist, the thought of seeing her pieces hung among the classics, though anxiety-inducing, was riveting. ‘One day,’ she told herself. One day…

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