There are a few common trends among the faucethead creative offices: overflowing iPhone camera rolls, inspiring images saved to our desktop (and our actual walls, too.) and an unhealthy addiction to Pinterest (and pizza). Since we don’t plan on changing any of these habits any time soon, we thought we should at least share them with you. While we’d love to share pizza, we’re going to opt with sharing glimpses of our camera rolls. Follow our adventures on the @faucetheadcreative Instagram account. You never know what you’ll get.

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something left, something taken

Sometimes it takes a bit of time before something great is brought to your attention. In this case, it took us four years to come across this dark comedic animation featuring a couple’s encounter with a man they believe to be the Zodiac Killer. Intrigued? It’s worth the ten minute viewing time and a peek at the making-of details here. Enjoy.

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For 27 years Braun was my last name. I grew up surrounded by Braun advertisements boasting the slogan ‘Today’s Mom: Beauty, Brains and Braun.’ And I was often asked if my last name was pronounced ‘like the coffeemakers,’ so, from a young age, the Braun brand was part of my life. Until my second year of college I was indifferent about the brand, but a deeper dive into art history and the world of industrial design led me to greatly respect their aesthetic, especially the man behind the iconic designs: Dieter Rams. His design approach, simplified to three words ‘less, but better’ is brilliant and is evident in every piece he creates, whether it’s a turntable, a shelf or a clock. Thankfully his design wisdom spans beyond those three words and has been outlined in these ten principles of good design:

// Good Design Is Innovative

// Good Design Makes a Product Useful

// Good Design Is Aesthetic

// Good Design Makes A Product Understandable

// Good Design Is Unobtrusive

// Good Design Is Honest

// Good Design Is Long-Lasting

// Good Design Is Thorough Down to the Last Detail

// Good Design Is Environmentally Friendly

// Good Design Is as Little Design as Possible

Clearly, Mr. Rams is onto something and we’re on board.

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