faucethead creative // wordless wednesday

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faucethead creative // made in the usa

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Us folks at faucethead creative are pretty passionate people. We get fired up about fonts, fall hard for great music and love supporting goods and services that are created right here on U.S. soil. While it’s not always the easiest option, we really enjoy the hunt for local-made goods and as the Fourth of July approaches we just had to share a few of our favorites with you. From classic grills to sturdy chairs, from household names and small artisan shops, enjoy these fifteen beauties made in our own backyard.

faucethead creative // made in the usa

1 // Jack Germain X Emgie Libris Notebooks
Made in New York City

2 // Eames Molded Plastic Armchair
Made in Michigan

3 // Foot Soldier Wool Pillow from Faribault Woolen Co.
Made in Faribault, Minnesota

4 // Mast Brothers Artisan Collection Chocolate
Made in New York City

5 // Pierrepont Hicks Chef Tie
Made in New York City, Washington State, Minnesota and Maine.

6 // i+w x Apothia Candle
Made in Nashville, Tennessee

7 // THE RUNWELL by Shinola
Made in Detroit, Michigan

Made in San Francisco, California

9 // Heath Ceramic Single Stem Vase
Made in Sausalito, California

10 // Primitive Reserve Moon Serving Board
Made in Los Angeles, California

11 // J.W. Hulme Co. Travel Kit
Made in St. Paul, Minnesota

12 // Clare Vivier Card Case
Made in Los Angeles, California

13 // Mara and Mine Lucy Troppo Slipper
Made in Los Angeles, California

14 // Joshu + Vela Day Pack
Made in San Francisco, California

15 // Weber Jumbo Joe Grill
Made in Palatine, Illinois

Images collected via Pinterest. View the originals here.

faucethead creative // photo friday


Summer is, no doubt, the season in which I acquire the most stuff. Between afternoon barbeques, boat outings, cabin weekends and poolside lounging, it always seems I’m running to the store for one thing or another. And, out of desperation, the items I end up purchasing usually aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing or the highest quality. In an attempt to remedy that and invest in long-term items, I’m hoping to be a bit more selective with my summer purchases in the months ahead. So I’ve found some of the best, faucethead-approved items to carry you through these blissful summer months without settling for the only option in the local store. Those rain boots definitely are at the top of my list.

faucethead creative // summer styled

1  //  Classic River Inner Tube
…because you can’t float down a river any other way.

2  //  bkr Water Bottle
…because tap water is awesome and so are these Earth-friendly water bottles

3  //  Player’s Choice Checkers
…because this game could lead to new friendships and end old ones.

4  //  Architectural Lines Birdhouse
…because your birds deserve the best as well.

5  //  Levi’s Denim Jacket
…because it never goes out of style.

6  //  Coca-Cola Bottle Opener
…because those bottles won’t open themselves.

7  //  Scoop Ball Set
…because sand castles can only entertain you so long.

8  //  Barbour Hip Flask
…because sometimes you just need a little taste.

9  //  Red Picnic Cooler
…because you want to stand out from the plastic Igloos.

10  //  Big Green Egg
…because it really is the best way to BBQ.

11  //  Loeffler Randall Rain Slip-On
…because summer storms are fast and furious.

12  //  Bollard Oil Lamp
…because the woods are dark at night.

13  //  Geometric Fire Pit
…because your friends need a place to gather.

Images collected via Pinterest. View the originals and more here.

faucethead creative // wordless wednesday

Image via Nicole Franzen

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