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Among all the noise that comes with holiday shopping, sales and gift giving, there are some brands that just get it. Some brands that nail it with their holiday advertising and rise about the clutter. Some brands that go above and beyond to send a message to a wider audience. We love those brands.

It’s not even December and we found three holiday adverts that are already making waves this season. Enjoy and watch our Facebook page for more advertising joy this season.

color archives

We talk a lot about color around here. We admire rich hues in our homes and clothing, derive energy daily from our ‘faucethead yellow‘ and know that the wrong color can make or break a project. More than anything, though, we know color tells a story. So, imagine our delight when we discovered that one of our favorite tumblrs has been telling color stories throughout its entire existence. Kudos, That Kind Of Woman. Those archives are impeccable. Very well done.

Images via // That Kind Of Woman

faucethead // color archives
faucethead // color archives
faucethead // color archives

in motion

We live in an age of motion. From GIFs and GoPros to Boomerangs and 360 cameras, static images are quickly becoming a thing of the past. As folks with a curiosity for all societal and technology happenings, we’ve been exploring the world of video as well (see our new site) and are sharing our experiments on Instagram. Follow in real-time @faucetheadcreative and check out a few of our favorites below.

Evening stroll #fcviews #video #neon #elephant #video #night

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Escape #fcviews #travel #escape

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Cheers to the beginning of iced coffee season. #fcviews #coffee #springtime

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places we get lost

We live online. We wake up and check our email. Scroll through Instagram over breakfast. Get our news texted to us. Order lunch from our iPad. And can’t navigate without our phone. It’s clear, we’re plugged in. But, if you’re anything like us, there are a few sites and apps that trump the rest. Sites you check when you only have five minutes of free WiFi. Sites that read like bottomless pits of information we didn’t know we needed. Sites with beautiful inspiring content and endless scrolling, scrolling, scrolling… The kind of sites that suck you in until, suddenly, you snap out of it, it’s somehow 5 p.m. and your inbox is overflowing. You know the feeling.

For us, there are four sites we love to hate. Join us in the world of online distraction and get lost in their alluring content.

House dreams.

All things.

Inspiration overload.

Refresh often.

faucethead // places we get lost
faucethead // places we get lost
faucethead // places we get lost
faucethead // places we get lost
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