The turkey has been carved, the political debates are ramping up, the white wine is chilled and you may already be looking for an out from your Thanksgiving celebration. We’ve got a little reprieve from the chaos. Use these links as an escape, a conversation starter or just a five-minute dose of peace among the noise. Happy Thanksgiving!

With the blink of an eye, summer is winding down. Before the crisp in the air returns and the flavors of fall start to appear we’re soaking up one last long summer weekend and sharing some links to make it even better.

Twice a week you can count on us popping up on your Instagram feed sharing our weekly #fcviews and Friday prescription for the weekend. But when we’re not posting you can usually find us browsing. Our interests on Instagram span wide and far and that’s why we keep coming back the platform every day (or hour, if we’re honest). Today we thought we’d share some recent additions to our feed that we’re loving. To see what we’re digging in real-time, follow along on Facebook where we post our most recent finds!

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The works of a keen eye, an eye that’s drawn to the uncanny.
We introduce you to the work of Matt Stuart.

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Among all the noise that comes with holiday shopping, sales and gift giving, there are some brands that just get it. Some brands that nail it with their holiday advertising and rise about the clutter. Some brands that go above and beyond to send a message to a wider audience. We love those brands.

It’s not even December and we found three holiday adverts that are already making waves this season. Enjoy and watch our Facebook page for more advertising joy this season.

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