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As the trees continue to bloom, the skies get more clear and the brightness returns to the evenings we’ve got our sights set on the water this season. Is it too early to declare this our color palette of summer? Inspired by a simple paddle, that started it all.

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A mini mood board of spring feels. Pastels, blooms and opportunity lie ahead. Let’s soak it up.

2016 has been a dumpster fire of a year, can we all agree on that?

It seems the folks at Pantone caught onto that sentiment and they’ve done their part to pave the way for a brighter 2017 with their pick of Greenery as the Color of the Year. The green hue symbolizes new beginnings and renewal and couldn’t come at a better time. The bold shade will definitely be making waves in all facets of design these next twelves months and we’re pumped to watch it play out.

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We have phones, hard drives, discs and photo albums filled with snaps from across the globe but sometimes all it takes is a glance at your studio desk to find the color inspiration for the season. Muted green, deep mustard, almost-white and rich grey. We see you.

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faucethead // november hues
faucethead // november hues

This season leaves always us feeling in awe. We’re surrounded by swirling leaves ablaze with color and a contagious buzz of activity that leaves a glimmer in our eye and an energy in our hearts. It’s time to soak up these bright colors of Autumn and relish the shortest season of the year. October, you’re ours.

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