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in motion

We live in an age of motion. From GIFs and GoPros to Boomerangs and 360 cameras, static images are quickly becoming a thing of the past. As folks with a curiosity for all societal and technology happenings, we’ve been exploring the world of video as well (see our new site) and are sharing our experiments on Instagram. Follow in real-time @faucetheadcreative and check out a few of our favorites below.

Evening stroll #fcviews #video #neon #elephant #video #night

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Escape #fcviews #travel #escape

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Cheers to the beginning of iced coffee season. #fcviews #coffee #springtime

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why we do #fcviews

While browsing the fc views archives the other day (a common pastime), it dawned on me that we never really explained our purpose behind these images, what they mean to us and how the represent the faucethead brand.

Today, that changes. The fc views, and the accompanying #fcviews over on our Instagram page, are an ode to the hundreds of images saved on our camera roll that would never see the light of day otherwise. The vignettes that, when we’re walking down the street, cause us to stop. Images that, for an intangible reason, bring a smile to our face. Snaps that may not make sense to anyone else but stir something inside us… We hope the work of faucethead has a similar effect on the people it reaches.

BTW, The “fc” in fc views was shorthand in the studio for faucethead creative – our original full name. Although we are known now as just faucethead – the “fc” managed to stick around.

Image sources // fc views archives

introducing // faucethead yellow

Faucethead studio has been around for over 25 years (actual faucetheads have been around longer, though) and in those decades our archetypal logomark has stayed almost entirely the same. We’ve added a frame, removed that frame and softened the value from black to grey, but the silhouette you see now is the same one that graced our first business cards way back when they were actually spray painted onto cards in a basement.

One way our trusty faucethead mark has allowed us to experiment, however, is with the use of accent colors. We had faucethead green, faucethead orange and now we’d like to introduce you to a new color. Though, we hesitate to use the word “yellow” because this hue is hard to put in words. It’s not mustard, it’s not golden, it’s not citron…

It’s a dash of optimism in an overwhelming world, it’s the sunset over a gently blowing field, it’s the inner-workings of a blooming flower, it’s a nod to the past and a glance into the future — It is our pleasure to introduce you to faucethead yellow.

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the new faucethead

They say change is inevitable. It’s a fact we’ve embraced at the faucethead studios as we’ve moved across the country, welcomed new members to our team and dove headfirst into industries we’d never ventured into before. And, as they also say, that change has brought us to a better place today. A place that deserves a fresh face and a reinvigorated focus. We are faucethead. We will always be faucethead. But we have some exciting new things in-the-mix and we can’t wait to share. So, to start, visit our newly-designed website, allow us to re-introduce ourselves and stay tuned for big things ahead.

P.S. While you are visiting the new site, drop us a line and let us know what you think!

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