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faucethead features // Casey Neistat

Our job [as creators] is to further define any medium. Our job is to create the new cliches – not adhere to those that were defined by generations past.
– Casey Neistat

For the sake of our own productivity, we’re cautious about the beast that is YouTube, Vimeo and Internet videos as a whole. There’s a lot of addicting content, laughable garbage, cat videos and Jimmy Fallon clips out there. But there are also some incredibly talented people in the mix that are doing incredible things every day. For us, Casey Neistat is one of those people. An American director, producer and all-around creative guru, we’ve been eating up his content left and right this last month. And, honestly, are bummed it took us this long to find him. We won’t let you suffer the same fate.

Sit back and press play on one of our favorite Neistat pieces:

made in the usa // holiday gifts 2015

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know good and well that Christmas is next week. Cue the panic. There are lists to double check, gifts to buy, gifts to wrap, cookies to bake, cocktails to consume, the list goes on. We get it and we’re feeling it too. But when it comes to the gift buying part we love to support other local businesses and brands that make it a point to produce their goods in the US. It’s a practice we also make a priority here at faucethead. So with ten shopping days left, take a peek at some of the top-notch products designed and produced on our American soil.

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