Four minutes of calm, beauty, music and mesmerizing choreography.

Some background from the creators: Months of tests and experimentation resulted in a detailed choreography in which every movement is triggered by the music. Every shot was composed in a fish tank, with rice paper, string, condensed milk and food coloring the only props.

Twice a week you can count on us popping up on your Instagram feed sharing our weekly #fcviews and Friday prescription for the weekend. But when we’re not posting you can usually find us browsing. Our interests on Instagram span wide and far and that’s why we keep coming back the platform every day (or hour, if we’re honest). Today we thought we’d share some recent additions to our feed that we’re loving. To see what we’re digging in real-time, follow along on Facebook where we post our most recent finds!

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Fourth of July weekend is upon us and before you send the next few days soaking up sunshine, ingesting watermelon and attending local parades, we’ve gathered some inspiring, interesting and funny links from around the web. Think of these as conversation starters for your weekend BBQ, you’ll thank us later.

A mini mood board of spring feels. Pastels, blooms and opportunity lie ahead. Let’s soak it up.

Give yourself three minutes. Sit back and press play.

Among all the noise that comes with holiday shopping, sales and gift giving, there are some brands that just get it. Some brands that nail it with their holiday advertising and rise about the clutter. Some brands that go above and beyond to send a message to a wider audience. We love those brands.

It’s not even December and we found three holiday adverts that are already making waves this season. Enjoy and watch our Facebook page for more advertising joy this season.

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