We’ve visited. We’ve admired their online resources. We’ve wondered about it. But MoMA’s new series AT THE MUSEUM is giving us a peaceful and often unseen glimpse into the happenings that make the institution tick. Check out the five episodes of season 1 here.

We see you, North Face. Kudos on your well-executed and beautiful video content.
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Four minutes of calm, beauty, music and mesmerizing choreography.

Some background from the creators: Months of tests and experimentation resulted in a detailed choreography in which every movement is triggered by the music. Every shot was composed in a fish tank, with rice paper, string, condensed milk and food coloring the only props.

“A normal instrument, you are playing it and expecting it to have a sound that is pleasing,” said Korven to Great Big Story, “but with an instrument like this, the goal is to produce sounds, that in this case, are disturbing.”

30 countries. 5 years. Lots of anticipation for the release of this film.

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