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Maybe it’s the extra hours of sunshine and the happiness they’ve brought, but we’ve been saving bright and fun patterns in our inspiration folder more than usual lately. From tumblr to Pinterest to our daily walks around the neighborhood, we can’t escape the repeating patterns and we’re definitely not complaining. We especially love all the hand-drawn detail we’re seeing and hope this trend continues for seasons to come. For now, though, we’ve got our eye on that bug pattern. Too much for a studio wall? Never.

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banana leaf palm pattern

faucethead // banana leaf


As keen observers of fashion and interiors and self-proclaimed Pinterest addicts, we’ve been noticing banana leaf palm patterns just about everywhere. For the bold, there’s wallpaper. For the less daring, there are phone covers. For the tired, there are pajamas. Clearly, the image above has the best banana leaf palm situation happening, but for those not lounging in a hammock we’ve rounded up six products that use the eye-catching green pattern in the best ways possible.

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wallpapers that don’t suck

I’m about to say a word that’s scary to a lot of people: wallpaper.

I’m about to say an even scarier thing: I’m fan of wallpaper.

Don’t think of the childish wallpaper trims of your youth or the frightening florals from your grandmother’s abode. Think beautifully designed, artfully crafted and endlessly inspiring patterns. That’s what I see when I think of wallpaper these days. There is no shortage of intricate and unique wallpapers to choose from right now. I somehow, managed to narrow some of my favorites to the collection below and am sure this Pinterest board will continue to grow in the years ahead. Bring on the patterns.

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pattern play

You know those apps on your phones that are your go-to? The one you browse waiting for an appointment, the one most likely to distract you from the actual task at hand, the one you check first thing in the morning… that’s become Instagram for us. Our feed is overflowing with creative images, the subject of which run the gamut from fashion to pets to food. The other day, though, one image rose above the rest and inspired this post. Thank you @museumbabes for the inspiration and your ongoing quest to celebrate the “culturally attuned & sartorially unsung beauties who stroll through the world’s most exquisite museums.” This collection of pattern play is for you.

faucethead creative // pattern play inspired by @museumbabes

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