The Vices Project // Launch

Two months ago we put out a call to the world and asked people to share their vices in the form of illustration, photograph, collage, finger paint or whatever creative medium they saw fit. The brave have stepped forward and we’re so excited to share The Vices Project collection! The snippet below is just a taste of what you’ll find on the official Vices Project website. From nail polish to giant bags of pretzels and everything in between we discovered a unique group of people that we’re now happy to call friends.

Thanks for letting your freak flag fly and stay tuned for more exciting and intriguing side projects to come from faucethead. Ane sure to follow the creative musings of The Vices Project participants below, they’re worth keeping an eye on.

Tom Martin
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Garrett Miller
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Natalie Peeples
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Fable Supply Co.
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Chris Hoffman
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Joan B.

Mariel Cameron
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Jillian Braun
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Megan Daniels
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Elissa Erickson
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Corrie Wessman
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The Vices Project

// bad or immoral behavior or habits
// a moral flaw or weakness
// a minor bad habit

We all have vices. We’re not here to judge, quite the contrary, we’re here to embrace these quirks. This summer we’ve decided to take our vices, illustrate them and air them like dirty laundry for the world to see. We’ve decided it’s time to speak out and we are inviting you to join us in a strange form of therapy, we’re calling The Vices Project. Learn all the details here and invite all your guilty friends to join too.

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