faucethead creaitve // living in this airy loft

Do you ever look at a beautifully styled interiors and imagine the people, pets, stories, details and memories that make up the space? I definitely do and today I’ve taken my daydreaming to another level. When I spotted this bright, airy living room on French by Design, it was just begging for me the piece together the other aspects of the home. Though totally imaginary, I think my leading lady would fit right in with her effortless, chic and minimal style.

faucethead creative // the gal

There she is, Sezane. Creative professional by day, fashion blogger by night, she keeps a busy schedule, a great group of friends and the latest copy of the New Yorker with her at all times. Her hair is wavy, her glasses are thick and she’s got a laugh that can fill any room. Her guilty pleasure is Zumba, but just don’t tell anyone…

faucethead creative // the picks

Six of the details that make up her home include a killer view (even in the rain), a new industry read, a stiff blood & sand, her trusty sidekick, the latest in classic accessories and ear buds playing a favorite from her growing vinyl collection. View more of Sezane’s collection here.

By: Elissa Erickson

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