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Two little reminders that stamps just aren’t quite as cool as they used to be.

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faucethead // photo friday
faucethead // photo friday
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living in // the retreat

Espadrilles. Check!
Reading material. Check!
Weekend bag. Check!
Favorite jewels. Check!
Sweater. Ditched!

Katharine wasn’t one for spontaneity but when the forecast called for the teens as the ‘high’ that week, she packed a bag with her favorite summer fare and hailed a cab to the airport. A compulsive list-maker since day one, she knew she had packed the essentials but the location of her getaway was still a lingering unknown, a fact that excited her for once in her life. A brief chat with the airline rep, a quick treat at the airport and Kate was suddenly among the clouds feeling more unlike herself than ever before. As the sun set, she caught a glimpse of the terrain below and knew she had made the right call. Little did she know the decadence and adventure the next two days would hold.

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faucethead // living in the retreat
faucethead // living in the retreat

we’ve got our eyes on…

It’s that magical time of year where you can’t take a shopping trip, an internet stroll or a magazine read without being reminded of all the people on your list and the gifts that will make their holiday just perfect. Us? We go the other route, we compile a list that may not be perfect for your in-laws or your old college roommate, but these little gems would definitely bring a smile to our faces later this month. Presenting our holiday wish list 2015 (a growing collection).

1 // Modern take on ‘wine of the month’

2 // Quiet getaway

3 // Timeless footwear

4 // An inspiring read

5 // Replenished cactus supply

6 // Classic timepiece

7 // Unique frames

8 // Color to start our day

9 // All the pizza

10 // Meaningful maps

11 // The forever couch

12 // The best coffee table topper

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faucethead // fc views
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