Early Spring

No matter where you reside, it’s safe to say that this winter has been strange – at least when it comes to the weather. In most locations, we’ve all stolen a few glimpses of Spring-like weather, but let’s not be confused by this atmospheric aperitif. Spring… true Spring fills our glasses back to half-full, it wakes us a little earlier with the songs of birds, and it fills us with a new energy. This is the season where our surroundings get a verdant remodeling and our hearts get a vibrant rejuventaion. Our new early Spring playlist was created to keep us in the spirit of this season of unfurling chrysalises. It was created to accompany working, learning, driving, creating, kissing, running, sipping, and dancing. We hope you enjoy the new studio playlist and to sweeten the deal – we’ve added frogs!

1 // Pagina Dos – Prefuse 73
2 // Before Kiddos Bath – Dumbo Gets Mad
3 // Scale It Bcak – DJ Shadow, Little Dragon
4 // Chess – Joon Moon
5 // How to Be Super Petty to Your Ex (30 Days, 30 Songs) !Explicit!– Open Mike Eagle, Live Marisco
6 // Honeydripper – Royce Wood Junior
7 // Time and Place – Lee Moses
8 // Mating Call of the Southwestern Woodhouse’s Toad
9 // The Story of Bo Diddley – The Animals
10 // What Would I Want? Sky – Animal Collective
11 // Quand Vas Tu Rentrer – Melody’s Echo Chamber
12 // Kick Jump Twist – Sylvan Esso
13 // Levo – Recondite
14 // Wow – Beck
15 // This L – Samiyam
16 // Chorus of Pig Frogs (Rana Grylio)

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