You know that feeling when you wake-up one minute before your alarm clock and you are strangely alert and ready-to go? This is an extremely rare occurance for me but I absolutely love it when it happens. Especially when I spend most mornings like a vampire hissing at the morning light and cursing the general concept of time.

Springtime embodies that feeling of readiness and waking [happily] before the alarm. There’s a subconcious hope to it. A hope that we/you/I need if you’ve ever experienced a lethargy of the spirit – a personal long winter.

Today was literally one of those days for me. As I sip my coffee and write this [over my previously scheduled progamming], I feel Springtime. I feel the adventures, creativity, and growth that it brings.

Here’s to Springtime and here’s to you.

1 // Church (feat. EARTHGANG) – Samm Henshaw, EARTHGANG
2 // Wreck the Rod – Nick Waterhouse
3 // Body Chemistry – The Drums
4 // Wishing Cap – Crane Like the Bird, James Mercer
5 // Stars Around My Heart – Steve Mason
6 // Pais Nublado – Helado Negro
7 // It’s Over – Morrissey
8 // The World (Is Going up in Flames) – Charles Bradley
9 // Fire – Black Pumas
10 // The Suburbs – Mr Little Jeans
11 // Worrywort – Radiohead
12 // 007 And Counting – John Barry

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