Winter can be very tough to embrace, especially with 80º temperature swings that bottom out at -40º F. After a lifetime of Midwest winters [in the U.S.] you learn a few tricks and tips for survival.

Make the most of the dark. After all, the majority of your time will be between dusk and dawn and who really wants longer days of dreary overcast skies anyway? Embrace the night – the skies are usually clear as well as the streets.

Find fire. A fireplace is truly a godsend. Finding fire is in our DNA – passed down from our surviving ancestors. Don’t have a fireplace? Light a candle or two or three. Bonus points for finding a quiet place for a drink that has a good fireplace – I mean, how can 4.7 million Irish natives be wrong? The vast majority of pubs in Ireland have fireplaces – smart folk the Irish.

Get lost… inside. Now that you have established a warm glow in the cold dark world of the season, get lost in something. We recommend a good book [Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness by ingrid Fetell Lee], A good Series on Television [Killing Eve or The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel], and/or a good moody music playlist, ahem… like this one [It’s slightly different than our usual. Drop us a line and let us know what you think].

Enjoy and stay warm.


1 // Swim Team – Arms and Sleepers
2 // Nova – Amon Tobin
3 // Enough – Alif Tree
4 // Rodney Yates – David Holmes
5 // Locura de Amor – Los Panchos
6 // Bo Mambo-1999 Digital Remaster –Yma Sumac
7 // Kiss of Fire – Louis Armstrong
8 // Wait for the Moment – Vulfpeck
9 // Heartbreak – Unloved
10 // Killer Shangri-Lah (from Killing Eve OST) – Pshycotic Beats
11 // Lux Prima – Karen O, Danger Mouse
12 // Ill Wind – Radiohead
13 // Frost Circus-2001 Remaster – XTC
14 // Outer Space – Chloé

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