faucethead // winter 16 playlist

Early Winter

With a cold breeze blowing over most of the States and many front doors barricaded from the outside by towers of Amazon boxes — we’re all settling in. Early winter is tough for me, there’s always an underlying priority of obligation over gratitude. It’s important to slow down, pause a moment, and be mindful for ourselves as much as everyone else trying to get by [and stay warm]. So to slow things down, here are 14 tracks to use as a soundtrack to the beginning of a cold season. Though not all of them are slow [that would be a drag] and we hope they all fade from one to another in the background of your lives as seamlessly as they do here in the studio. Most of all, we hope you enjoy them because we’re grateful that you are listening.

– ch

1 // Introduction (Titles) – Danny Elfman
2 // Love Survive – Michael Nau
3 // Got It Bad – Leisure
4 // Rings of Saturn – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
5 // Indian Food – Dumbo Gets Mad
6 // Guilty – Lady Wray
7 // Man in the Sixties – Balue
8 // This Strange Effect – The Shacks
9 // Havalina – Pixies
10 // Lucky I Got What I Want – Jungle
11 // Flor de Azalea – Frankie Reyes
12 // It Never Entered My Mind – Live Version – Miles Davis
13 // Deep Song – Single Version – Billie Holiday
14 // The Christmas Song (Alternative Version) – The Raveonettes

Image sources // Needles + Figure

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