I’m sure you all remember the fabulous dinner party we held back in September. Well, you’re in luck because the event was such a success we’re having a virtual winter weekend getaway, and you are invited. We are all acquainted now from the dinner party, so I think it will be a splendid time for everyone. If you’re ‘too busy’ or ‘just can’t get away’, read on and I think you’ll change your mind…

Let’s face it, the monotony of winter can be draining. Just a simple change of location can do wonders for the spirit so we’re heading to a not-too-distant forest with a beautiful cabin nestled among the trees – with a constant playful drift of picturesque snowflakes. There will plenty of places to relax from the front porch to the kitchen or a cozy chair by the fire.

Packing for cold weather is the worst part of a winter getaway. Sweaters and corduroys just don’t seem to fit in a suitcase quite like tank tops and shorts, so we’re keeping it casual. Bring a sweater you love, some slippers and perhaps a good book to swap. I promise we won’t take any pictures of your less-than-stellar ensemble. You might even want to pack some elastic-waistband pants after you see the menu items below.

What’s a winter getaway without some sticks-to-your-ribs food? Thankfully, there will be plenty. You can choose from the Lamb and Potato Pie, apple salad, french onion soup, braised Beef short ribs, mushroom herb mac n’ cheese or cauliflower with raisins and capers.

In between the meals above there will be an infinite supply of cocktails, because drinking is the perfect winter pastime. There’s the Whisky Hot Toddy to warm you from the inside out, the Retox Cocktail for the daring, the classic Hot Chocolate (FYI, peppermint schnapps will be in the cabinet above the sink) and the Drunken Seamen to finish it off. If the fire doesn’t warm you up, one of these will definitely do the trick.

As for the sweets, you better kiss your New Year’s resolution goodbye. The cabin kitchen will be stocked with desserts that double as convenient finger food. There are cannolis filled with butterscotch and Bailey’s Irish creme (because we didn’t drink enough already…), Bourbon Peach hand pies (again with the alcohol!) and booze-free Brownies to round out the mix. On second thought, you should definitely pack some elastic-waistband pants.

Between snacks, meals and cocktails there will also be a plethora of winter activities to keep you busy whether you prefer the indoors or outdoors. The shed behind the cabin will be filled with toboggans, cross country skis, snow shoes and saucers. Inside there will be book-lined shelves and board game-filled cabinets. I’m sure a rousing game of UNO will be even better next to the crackling fire.

I do hope you can make it for the weekend. I know you’d be a great guest and if all goes well we can start planning our summer getaway while we’re bundled up watching the snowfall. I don’t know about you, but can hear St. Lucia calling my name now…

By: Elissa Braun
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