February // Issue 2

These are all true statements:
I love the color grey.
I wanted to name my firstborn child Grey.
I painted almost every wall in my first home some version of grey (green-grey, light grey, dark grey, blue-grey… you get it).

Grey has worked its way into my life in more ways than I care to admit and when thinking about our theme to simplify this month, it’s the first hue that jumped to mind. It’s the perfect backdrop for almost everything, brings a sense of calm, and is truly timeless. From the concrete that makes up our sidewalks to historical black and white photos, to tropical shadows and fine-knit texture, grey speaks to simplicity in a way no other color can. While I may have more color in my life (and on my walls) these days, I’m embracing this season of grey.

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February, 2020

Simplify Grey

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Seek Out

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February 21, 1947

Land Camera Demonstrated
[ first Polaroid ]