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December // Issue 5

faucethead Winter 2021 playlist

Well, without stating the obvious, we’re here, the end of a character building year. While we’d love to bash the whole fu@%ing calendar year, we have quite a few things for which we are thankful. Now, that’s not new age, self help, fashionable, hashtag gratitude – but a legitimate appreciation for things that didn’t kill us or [at best] completely suck.

We’ve learned to fight, we’ve found grit, and like divining water in the desert, we’ve even found hope. So here’s to all of you survivors out there [if you are reading this you’re one of them]. Now that we know how to dig deep, let’s use this strength to be agents of change – to make our lives and the lives of others better. Find common ground and fight together for something. Share your music, your design, your poetry, your voice, your integrity, your passion, and your humility.

Cheers friends, we appreciate you more than you know.

I Keep Calling – James Blake
Girls In June – Dirty Art Club
In Loving Memory – Gabriels
Unfold You – Rostam
Screens – Photay
Heavy – The Backseat Lovers
I Wonder Why – Kacy & Clayton, Marlon Williams
Nadia [Backflip Edit]  – The Drums, Jonny Pierce
People Eating Fruit – Caribou
Opal – Nosaj Thing

December, 2020


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Seek Out

• A quiet space
• Your own story
• New Art [ex: 1, 2]


Social Media
• Ambivalence
• Being a jerk

La tour Eiffel, 1889

December 2, 1859

French painter Georges Seurat (1835-1910) was born in Paris. Seurat was a creator and master of the Pointillism movement, in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image.