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Quiet is not simply about sound, it’s a state of mind. It is an opportunity to reset, a chance to recenter, and an invitation to start something new.

It’s time to reset, recenter, and start something new.

December, 2020


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r255 g255 b255


 12 01

 12 08

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 12 23

 12 31

Seek Out

• A quiet space
• Your own story
• New Art [ex: 1, 2]


Social Media
• Ambivalence
• Being a jerk

La tour Eiffel, 1889

December 2, 1859

French painter Georges Seurat (1835-1910) was born in Paris. Seurat was a creator and master of the Pointillism movement, in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image.