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Are you feeling it? Feeling the pressure to ‘make the most of this time’? Feeling the pressure to manage your sanity during a global pandemic? Feeling the pressure to navigate the unknown with an ounce of grace? You’re not alone, friend. The virus-that-shall-not-be-named is kicking our rears in more ways than one lately so we’re coming up with a game plan to take it all back in May. It’s a simple plan: INTENTION. We’re bringing mindfulness to everything we do, being present (even if we’ve been in lockdown with the same faces for months), seeking ways to grow, and connecting with others along the way. Who knows, our intentions could start a ripple effect of good and what a better time to find out than now.

January, 2020

Intention Fuschia

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 05 01

 05 07

 05 14

 05 23

 05 30

Seek Out

• Fizzy beverages
• New endeavors
• The person you want to be


• Bad Coffee
• High fashion face masks
• Murder Hornets

May 5th, 1961

Alan Shepard became the first American in space.