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As graphic designers one of the most cringe-worthy things you can say to us is ‘make it pop.’ It’s a simple phrase that’s sure to send us running for the hills but during this month of clear-headed thinking and thoughtful intentions, we’re taking a deep breath and embracing this color that really does, hate to say it, ‘pop.’ We see you, fuchsia, thanks for brightening our day.

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January, 2020

Intention Fuschia

c10 m100 y0 k0

r203 g0 b152


 05 01

 05 07

 05 14

 05 23

 05 30

Seek Out

• Fizzy beverages
• New endeavors
• The person you want to be


• Bad Coffee
• High fashion face masks
• Murder Hornets

May 5th, 1961

Alan Shepard became the first American in space.