Since 2001, faucethead has been fueled by a high-level obsession with elegant design and problem solving. We are a kindred group of misfit designers and strategic savants who share that obsession.

Faucethead is a brand strategy and graphic design agency dedicated to clever solutions and engaging design in print, online, and environments. We are deft communicators and customer advocates skilled in creating unique brands, memorable marketing campaigns, and moments of personal connection.

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Creative Director

2 Truths / 1 Lie

  • I was a grave digger to help pay for art school.
  • I am a nationally certified sea kayak instructor.
  • I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a child so I named my first dog Laika.



Chief Connection Officer

2 Truths / 1 Lie

  • My best job [other than at faucethead] was working at a boulangerie in Paris.
  • I’ve eaten $18 pancakes with Clive Owen
  • I achieved a docent-level knowledge of the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. by the age of 8.



Senior Art Director

2 Truths / 1 Lie

  • I lifeguarded for Michael Phelps in high school.
  • I still own my NSYNC Justin Timberlake doll and display it in my home.
  • I’ve never seen The Sound of Music.



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