We are faucethead, a boutique design studio focused on strategic brand solutions, digital innovation, and customer experience. We have the design, marketing and communication skills, and knowledge to create successful identities and campaigns that speak clearly to your audience and build customer loyalty.

Big picture thinking, combined with our attention to detail and over 30 years of experience, allow us to cultivate your identity everywhere your brand exists. We crave clean design, intuitive environments, inventive solutions and lasting customer relationships. We are faucethead and we are proudly at your service.

01 //Services

Faucethead is a full service design studio. Whether you are looking for strategic guidance prior to embarking on a big project, a new Wordpress-based website, a book cover design or even a presentation on the importance of consistent branding and customer experience - we can help. While we aim to please, in order to maintain a focused approach to our clients there are a few things that we don’t do. Here is our main menu. Stay tuned here or contact us for case studies and project samples.

  • Consultation, guidance, and help with/making tough decisions
  • Brand strategy, campaign planning, and project development
  • Identity and brand creation, curation, and rejuvenation
  • Website design, development, and maintenance
  • E-mail campaign design and production
  • Print and digital ad campaign strategy and design
  • Workshops and speaking engagements

02 //Studio

We are everywhere. Well not exactly, but kind of. The original studio started in Chicago over 15 years ago. Now we work virtually with primary bases in Chicago, San Francisco and Minneapolis. But you can also find us on the road visiting our clients, blogging, snapping photos, tweeting, pinning, posting to Facebook, and swapping stories at our favorite watering holes throughout the U.S.


Chris Hoffman // Creative Director
Whether it’s building a new identity, resuscitating an existing brand, solving friction in usability or finding a way to balance white space with [too much] content, Chris welcomes the challenge. With over 25 years of experience [not that he’s counting...], his expertise and creative approach address head-on the issues that haunt many clients. Chris’ appetite for finding unique, achievable, and effective solutions for clients and his large cup of java are what draw him to the studio each morning

Elissa Erickson // Art Director + Director of Social Media
An exceptional stylist and savvy communicator, Elissa is a virtuoso in the creation of brands. Her discerning eye and resourcefulness make her an outstanding curator of brand presence in the multichannel digital world.

Miles Diamond // Lead Developer
The code conquistador, the Duke of development, the prince of PHP — Miles is our lead developer for a reason. With a thirst for user friendly solutions and responsive wizardry, if there's a development problem that needs a solution, he'll find it.

03 //Contact

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04 //Lifestyle

While this site tells you bit about what we do, the faucethead blog is more about who we are. From mood boards to mix tapes, this is our playground to showcase our inspiration, recommendations, current vistas, and creative musings. Click here to explore our world.